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Официальный интернет-портал Президента Республики Беларусь

Национальная академия наук Беларуси


Грид-сеть высокопроизводительных вычислительных ресурсов Национальной академии наук Беларуси   

Портал рейтинговой оценки качества оказания услуг организациями Республики Беларусь   

БИСРС (Белорусская интегрированная сервисно-расчетная система и биометрические документы)   

Governing bodies

The head of the Institution is the general director who manages the Institution on the basis of one-man management and is responsible for all aspects of its activities.

The general director of the Institution is appointed by the Chairman of the Presidium of the Academy of Sciences on the recommendation of the Bureau of the Division of the Academy of Sciences and the Presidium of the Academy of Sciences.

The academic council is created at the Institution. The academic council of the Institution is formed from the general director, deputy general directors for research, the scientific secretary, who are part of it by position, and leading scientists.

The supreme body of the enterprise's labor collective is the general meeting of employees.  Other bodies of the labor collective can be created and their competence can be determined by its decision.

The general meeting of the labor collective hears reports on the activities of the head of the enterprise, the council of the labor collective, considers and approves plans for the economic and social development of the enterprise, approves the collective agreement, approves the internal labor regulations and considers other most important issues of the enterprise in the field of labor.

Directorate composition:

Sergey Kruglikov (Sergey Kruglikov), DSc (military sciences) - General Director, (rus. Кругликов Сергей Владимирович)

Mikhail Kovalyov (Michail Ja. Kavalioŭ), DSc (physics-mathematics) - Deputy General Director for Research, (rus. Ковалев Михаил Яковлевич)

Filipchenko Igor (Igar Filipchanka),  PhD  - Deputy General Director for Research & Innovations, (rus. Филипченко Игорь Викторович)

Nina Verbitskaya (Nina U. Viarbickaja) - Deputy General Director  (rus. Вербицкая Нина Владимировна)

Oleg Gorokh (Alieh U. Haroch) - Scientific Secretary (rus. Горох Олег Владимирович)

Igor Philipchenko (Ihar V. Filipčanka) - Leading Engineer (rus. Филипченко Игорь Викторович)